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2 Out Of 10 Homes Can Use Net Metering On Your Block.

What Is Net Metering?

Net metering allows you to power your home first with your solar system, and feed excess solar energy back to the power grid for a credit.

This process is automatic and will show up as a credit on your bill.

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How Net Metering Works

Your net metering credits offset the power supplied by your electric company at night, or during times you consume more than your solar system produces.

Generate clean electricity, reduce your carbon footprint and save thousands!

Generate your own renewable electricity and automatically send excess energy back to your utility provider for a credit.

Net Metering Customer Case

Net metering customer bill

See What Net Metering Can Do For You.


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The Benefits and Mechanisms of Ontario’s Net Metering Program

In this comprehensive guide of “The Benefits and Mechanisms of Ontario’s Net Metering Program”, we’ll dive deep into Ontario’s Net Metering Program, unraveling its intricacies, outlining its advantages, and guiding you through the steps to participate in this transformative energy paradigm shift.