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View our list of trusted partners and our verifications as a Solar panel and EV charger installation company.


CMI Solar is the best solar panel contractor in Ontario. Based in Mississauga, CMI Solar’s top priority is to provide you with the very best for your home. Our team will take care of everything, including permits and after installation inspection certificated from the ESA.

CMI Solar partners with the very best in the industry to provide you with top tier products backed by years of experience and proven success, making the transition to renewable energy a smooth and exceptional experience.



longi solar - Solar partner and verification

LongiSolar  – Founded in 2000, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LONGi) is committed to being the most valuable solar technology company in the world. Under the mission of “To make the best of solar energy to build a green world” with a brand positioning of “The most trusted, reliable solar company that blazes the trail for green technology,”LONGi is developing solutions for large-scale power plants, for different industries and households with its innovation-focused development.

Learn more about our solar partner: https://www.longi.com/en/

fronius - Solar partner and verification

Fronius  – The advanced technology and quality of Fronius’ products inspire confidence, trust and satisfaction. They are sustainable, they boost productivity, increase energy yields and also reduce operating costs. They help our customers to make significant progress and lay the foundations for growth and successful development. Fronius has 37 subsidiaries on five continents – yet we are still the same owner-managed company we have always been, combining the values of a family-run business with regional roots, together with the vision of a global company.

Learn more about our solar partner: https://www.fronius.com/en-ca/canada

solis - Solar partner and verification

Solis – Established in 2005, Solis (Stock Code: 300763.SZ) is one of most experienced and largest manufacturers of solar inverters. Ginlong’s cost-effective solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale users deliver value at every level of the solar supply chain, engaging both homeowners and businesses, as well as power producers and renewable energy investors across the globe. Presented under the Solis brand, the company’s solar inverter product line uses innovative string technology to deliver first-class reliability, validated under the most stringent international certifications. Combining a global supply chain with world-class R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Ginlong optimizes its Solis inverters for each regional market, servicing and supporting its customers with its team of local experts. Proven bankability has attracted support from world leading financial institutions, ensuring solid long-term returns on investment. Solis US is working with environment and renewable energy stakeholders to accelerate the world’s journey towards a more sustainable future.

Learn more about our solar partner: https://www.ginlong.com/us

PionPower - Solar partner and verification

PionPower  – If you’re like pionpower, you want a home energy system that makes your life easier, saves you money, and works without having to think about it. Whether it’s getting the most out of your home’s solar power generation or keeping your electric vehicle charged, Pion Power provides home energy solutions and customer service that complements your clean energy lifestyle.

Learn more about our ev partner: https://pionpower.ca/

Solaredge - Solar partner and verification

SolarEdge  – SolarEdge is the clean energy solutions company, improving the way solar energy is produced, consumed, and managed across a wide range of applications and industries. SolarEdge is committed to leading the energy transition to a sustainable future. Through innovation, operational excellence, and highly motivated people, they are working to decarbonize and electrify energy behavior – improving the way they generate, store, use and manage power in every aspect of life.

Learn more about our solar partner: https://www.solaredge.com/en



ESA - Electrical Safety Authority Compliant

ESA – Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), is an organization responsible for electrical safety in Ontario, Canada. The ESA regulates and inspects electrical installations, issuing permits, licenses, and certificates, as well as enforcing compliance with electrical safety codes and standards. The organization also promotes awareness and provides resources to help individuals and businesses understand and adhere to electrical safety practices. CMI Solar is in compliance with the ESA for all solar and electric vehicle charging installations on Ontario.

Learn more: https://esasafe.com/

HomeStars Verified

HomeStars Verified  – HomeStars is Canada’s largest network of verified and community-reviewed home service professionals. Whether you’re starting a major renovation or just need a small repair, we have pros across Canada to help you accomplish your project. Our mission is to give you the tools you need to hire right the first time, for every home improvement project.

Learn more: https://homestars.com/

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau  – People today are overwhelmed with choices – and often unsure about where to find verified, unbiased information. There are more than 34 million businesses in the United States and Canada, and hundreds of thousands of sites around the world where people shop online.

Learn more: https://www.bbb.org/all/about-cmisolar

Canadian Renewable Energy Association

Canadian Renewable Energy Association – The Canadian Renewable Energy Association is the voice for wind energy, solar energy and energy storage solutions that will power Canada’s energy future. We work to create the conditions for a modern energy system through stakeholder advocacy and public engagement. Our diverse members are uniquely positioned to deliver clean, low-cost, reliable, flexible and scalable solutions for Canada’s energy needs.

Learn more: https://renewablesassociation.ca/

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